Flash Sterilizer

Flash Sterilizer

Trueklav 14 L Class N

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Flash Sterilizers are being used for the sterilization of the wrapped/unwrapped device at a high temperature of 134/121 degrees Celsius for a time duration ranging between three and thirty minutes.

These are considered to be very appropriately used in different settings of health-care when any of the instruments becomes contaminated and must be returned to use immediately, when the specific instruments are being needed for some emergency procedure, and when there are inadequate inventories of the instruments or devices in the concerned industrial or laboratory setting. These are not usually meant to be used for the routine instrument sterilization.

Some of the dental practices use the flash sterilizers for the processing of the instruments and some for headpiece sterilization as well because of the benefit of the shorter sterilization cycle time. In certain cases where a practice or facility does not possess a large inventory of headpieces, then the faster turnaround with an immediate use the sterilizer is a major factor with respect to its efficiency.

It is crucial to note that the shortest time cycles are for the unpackaged or unwrapped items. So, the greatest savings of time is contrary to the CDC guidelines for control of infection that recommend the instruments be properly or packaged or wrapped  prior to the process of sterilization and in order to maintain the right level of sterility once the items are being removed from the flash sterilizer.


The eSERVER facility of the Autoclave allows the seamless transfer of the data from the CSSD to the server PC via Ethernet which makes the usage of the instrument easy and convenient.

e'REMOTE (wi/fi) :

This feature of this immensely helps in the viewing and proper monitoring of exactly the same screen on HMI with the help of Wi-Fi. Irrespective of the location where you are present, you can opt to use the remote control with the help of Wi-Fi.

VHD-Tec :

This particular feature of the this is based on the technology of vacuum heat drying. This particular feature enables closed door drying within the autoclave in few minutes.

Time saving :

The process of VHD is quick drying which reduce cycle time and very convenience of the users.

Energy saving :

As the drying process is highly optimized, it results in the saving of the energy considerably and having unique steam generating technology with very low watt heater.

Water saving :

The flash autoclave requires very less around 100~150 ml of water for operations. Thus, it results into water saving.

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