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Portable Autoclave Sterilizer

Trueklav 3 L Class N

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The Portable Autoclave Sterilizers by Sterile Safequip and Chemicals LLP are well-designed for the general purpose of sterilization jobs at the nursing homes dental clinics, nursing homes and hospitals etc. The various standard models of these systems are readily available in 14 to 30 liters of capacities. In addition to the standard models, we also offer several customized portable autoclaves which are very competitively priced in the market.

These are designed very ergonomically. The portable autoclave sterilizer manufacture, supply by us have features like long years of worry-free and seamless performance, optimum efficiency and also safe operation. Being compact in the design, these particular systems very well occupy low bench space. Hence, these are perfect for the places where there is space crunch. They are also very simple to be used. The operator requires special training prior to the using. No installation is required. All you need to do is to plug and use.


  •   Simple Door Locking System (With door interlock).
  •   All contact parts are made of SS 304.
  •   Outer body is made up of high grade plastic (ABS & PC blend).
  •   Water should be filled from top. Using less than 150 ml water.
  •   Draining waste water during cycle.
  •   Air purging system to remove air before sterile time.
  •   Total cycle time required only 12 minutes.
  •   134 °C Cycle temperature

Safety feature:

When inner pressure is over heated PLC will drain out steam to reduce pressure.

The Resolution:

This quick autoclave will help you to save time and money during the preparation of handpieces and small devices that confirm to the hygiene standards. Handpieces, prophylaxis instruments and much more can be quickly sterilized between treating patients in only about 12 minutes. The use of Trueklav 3 Ltr is the ideal alternative to sterilize handpieces and small devices in your normal practice unlike conventional autoclave with its inevitably longer cycle times. The short running times enable complete hygiene in practice even without acquiring additional handpieces and small devices.

Sterilize easily and quickly using by soft keys found onthe display(Microprocessor base automatic control system, 125X240 Graphic Display).

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