Vacuum Autoclave

Vacuum Autoclave

Trueklav 23 L Class B

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A Vacuum Autoclave is a technologically innovated device used for the sterilizing of the medical & dental equipment. In this device, saturated steam at high pressure is being typically applied for approximately 20 minutes for sterilizing purpose. The temperature inside the chamber is as high as 121 degree Celsius.

An autoclave is basically like a pressure cooker where the water is being heated in a closed and pressurized environment in order to produce steam. Usage of the pressure makes it possible to create immense amount of heat with the usage of lesser energy.

Pre Vacuum Tabletop Autoclave are usually made of steel and come with different configurations. The technology used is to remove the air before the pasteurization is conducted. The downward displacement autoclaves makes use of gravity in order to remove air.

Air removal from the Post Vacuum Tabletop Autoclave is a crucial feature as removal of the trapped air is very necessary. Steam at the temperature of 134 degrees Celsius has the ability to achieve the sterility that the hot air at 160 degrees Celsius takes to achieve two long hours.

Vacuum autoclave has got the capacity of neutralizing the potentially infectious agents by the usage of super heated water and pasteurized steam.

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This facility allows the seamless transfer of data from the CSSD to the server PC via Ethernet.

e'REMOTE (wi/fi) :

This helps in the viewing and monitoring of exactly the same screen on HMI with the help of Wi-Fi. Irrespective of the location you are in, you can use the remote control with the help of Wi-Fi.

VHD-Tec :

This feature of the autoclave is based on the vacuum heat drying technology. This enables closed door drying within the autoclave.

Time saving :

The drying process is quick which adds to the convenience of the users.

Energy saving :

As the drying process is optimized; it results in the saving of the energy.

Water saving :

The autoclave requires only 60 ml of water to operate.

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