Hospital ETO Sterilizer

Hospital ETO Sterilizer

PurEtO Plus

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We at Sterile Safequip and Chemicals LLP are occupied in offering a competitive range of Hospital ETO Sterilizer. The process of sterilization in the hospitals is undoubtedly a major concern & requires to be taken care very accurately. Ethylene oxide or ETO sterilizers are being widely used in the entire medical industry and also surgical industry in order to sterilize the products/material sensitive to heat or moisture. Our technologically evolved sterilizers have the right potential to kill the pathogens and also consist of the specialized heating jackets that works with electricity to provide excellent temperature and steam distribution in the heating chamber. It also sterilizes the equipment and accessories in the hospital.

With the aim of attaining pinnacle success in this niche in the market, we are engaged in development of the next generation Hospital ETO Sterilizer. These are equipped with some innovative features of the door alert and also failure alerts are offered. These sterilizer works with the help of the controls which are microprocessor-based that duly ensure operator-friendly performance. We are also utilizing some materials which are premium-grade. We conduct thorough analysis in order to develop the high performing sterilizers which are accessible both in the single door or double door design at a very competitive price.

PurEtO a versatile stellar in EO gas sterilization with premium digital technology from World’s energetic & most advance company in hospital sterilization.

PurEtO is designed with most advance features that make it easy to understand for your staff and to operate the Sterilizer as well as monitor the cycle.

PurEtO - the EO gas sterilizer uses 100% pure Ethylene Oxide, known as time tested & best suitable method in the world for low temperature sterilization.


With intelligent design & Most Advance Features.


PURETO offer new generation 10" color touch screens touch screens with high resolution and user-friendly operation. The screens offer optimal ergonomics ,with a clear overview from all angles in the control area. The user interface and menu are intuitive, the text is remarkably distinct and the graphics are vivid.

The clear and intuitive interface of the new touch-screen panels is only one of many examples of how we ensure that PurEtO is easier to operate and more ergonomic.


allows operator to release door using the touch screen panel only when it is safe to do so.

During operation, the cartridge is not punctured until the sterilizer door is locked completely and the vacuum, temperature and humidity levels reach preprogramed parameters.

eServer :

The eServer facility of this sterilizer allows the seamless transfer of the data from the CSSD to the server PC with the help of the Ethernet that optimizes the usage of the instrument considerably.

eRemote :

The facility of e’remote in the EO Gas Sterilizer mightily facilitates in the easy viewing and also proper monitoring of the same screen on HMI with the means of Wi-Fi. The e’remote works with the help of Wi-Fi.

Energy-saving :

This particular process of low temperature so it save lot of energy using in high KW heater unlike steam generator.


The integrated front USB port allows cycle data to be stored digitally making record keeping simple and efficient.

Printing :

PurEtO units comes with an integrated printer.

Talking Technology with Audio Output

Pureto gives audio message about every phase & errors.

No Need of Compressor

PurEtO comes with UPS.

Oil Free system

Box Size

Sr. No.



Chamber Size

Power Supply


                PurEtO 50L 


1.0 x 1.0 x 2.0 ft

     Warm cycle: 55o C – approximately 8 hours.

Cold cycle: 37o C – approximately 10 hours.


               PurEtO 80L 


1.0 x 1.0 x 3.0 ft

   Warm cycle: 55o C – approximately 7-8 hours.

Cold cycle: 37o C – approximately 8-10 hours.


               PurEtO 100L 


1.0 x 1.0 x 4.0 ft

    Warm cycle: 55o C – approximately 7-8 hours.

Cold cycle: 37o C – approximately 8-10 hours.


              PurEtO 135L 


1.0 x 1.0 x 5.0 ft

    Warm cycle: 55o C – approximately 7-8 hours.

Cold cycle: 37o C – approximately 8-10 hours.


               PurEtO 240L 


1.5 x 1.5 x 4.0 ft

    Warm cycle: 55o C – approximately 7-8 hours.

   Cold cycle: 37o C – approximately 8-10 hours.

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